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Review your options for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy

If you’re a South Florida business owner who is struggling to keep your company solvent and your doors open, it can be quite frustrating to juggle bills every month and never manage to pay them all. In fact, you might even worry whether you will be able to continue making payroll for your employees.

That can be a very scary feeling, especially when you have already poured all your available resources into the business. You still believe in your company and the services and products it offers, but you need some financial relief to give you some time to regroup.

If you find yourself in these or similar circumstances, it might be time to discuss filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 11. In many cases, the doors of your business can remain open as you continue to operate it as a debtor in possession.

In other situations, closing the doors and liquidating the assets might be the only viable choice. But filing under Chapter 11 can minimize some of the debt that you must repay.

We can help you determine whether filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can save your business and allow you to reorganize your finances to get back into the black side of your business ledger. The bankruptcy process is complex and few consumers without legal backgrounds can successfully navigate the system.

If you miss deadlines for filing documents or otherwise run afoul of the very complicated United States bankruptcy codes, your filing could be dismissed without your debts being discharged. Let us help you get it right so you can get back on the right fiscal track.