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Is your shopping habit running you into deep debt?

Financial troubles can arise from many sources. Medical debt, student loans and unexpected major expenditures can all swell strained budgets to the breaking point.

But some debts are linked to out-of-control shopping habits. But the good news is that too much retail therapy is one expense that can be severely curtailed if not eliminated entirely. Below are some suggestions for reining in your spending patterns.

Unplug from sales and promos

Just because something is a good deal does not mean that you need it. Receiving auto-updates from your favorite retailers only reinforces the advertisers' messages that you must buy and spend more when you need nothing.

Quit one-click shopping online

By deleting your credit and debit card information from the sites of online retailers, not only are you reducing the likelihood of a data breach exposing your online information but you are giving yourself time to reconsider the purchase.

In the time that it takes to physically retrieve your card and type in the numbers, you may realize that you don't really need to buy it anyway.

Shop mindfully

Don't window-shop or surf your favorite online retailers' websites. Plan your purchases ahead of time and never exceed your preset purchase budget. Once you have bought the item, leave the store or website.

When financial problems are more serious

Sometimes, your debts may be so out of control that you are no longer able to manage them even after pulling way back on your shopping. If so, it may be time to consider a debt reorganization through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

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