Bankruptcy And Repossession

Facing the repossession of your car or other property can be an extremely intimidating and humbling experience. For many people, the loss of a vehicle can have a serious impact on their ability to get to work, get children to school and fulfill other obligations. In most cases, filing for bankruptcy will halt all repossession actions.

If you are facing any kind of repossession, don't wait until the repo man shows up at your door before you take action. Talk to a Tampa repossession attorney today. At the law firm of Buddy D. Ford, P.A., we represent clients throughout Florida in all aspects of personal and business bankruptcy, including Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13.

Taking Action To Protect Your Property

Once we file your bankruptcy petition, you will be protected by the automatic stay, which stops all collection activities, including repossession actions. The initial filing will provide the necessary time to work through your options with regard to your car or other property. Depending on the value of the property compared with what you owe on it, your best bet may be to give it up rather than try to keep it.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in repossession matters, and we are committed to helping you obtain the best possible result for your situation. We will take the time to explain your options and make sure that you have all the information you need to make a sound decision about how to proceed.

Call For A Consultation

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