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Tampa Bankruptcy And Reorganization Blog

What can be done about debt collector harassment?

Debt collection harassment is a harsh realty for many individuals, and can be a problem for those with large estates considering filing for bankruptcy. This blog gives a brief overview of what restrictive laws are in place against debt collector harassment.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Know the law on Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Agreements

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is known as "reorganization" bankruptcy; often, it's a way for companies to carry on some or all of their business activities by restructuring to create a profitable plan for the future. This may be done by large organizations, or by small-medium enterprises such as agriculture firms. In this blog, we will run through the basics of what the desired outcomes of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy are.

When a petition is filed, this can either be done voluntarily or involuntarily. You may file the petition yourself as a business owner, or one of your creditors might file one. The Automatic Stay

Know what is necessary to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Coming to the realization that your debts are more than you can handle is a rough place to be. Once you know what options you have to deal with these debts, you will have to decide what to do. One of the choices you have is Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 is often considered the wage earners bankruptcy because you will repay some of the debts that you owe. Because of this, you will have to show that you have the income to keep up with your regular bills and make payments on your bankruptcy.

What should I submit with my Chapter 11 bankruptcy application?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a form of reorganization bankruptcy that is usually pursued by businesses and corporations. However, individuals may also be able to file for Chapter 11 in some cases. As a reorganization bankruptcy, debtors are not required to liquidate their assets to pay off debts. Rather, they agree to a court-approved payoff plan. Once, the payments of this plan have been successfully completed, any remaining debts covered by the bankruptcy are dissolved.

The first step in filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy involves the submission of a petition to the regional bankruptcy court. In some cases, the submission will be voluntary and submitted by the debtor. In other cases, the submission will be involuntary and submitted by creditors to whom the debtor owes money.

How does a recent SCOTUS ruling for big banks impact consumers?

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) recently ruled on a case that questioned the protections available under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The case specifically delves into whether or not companies that purchase debt and attempt to receive payment from consumers are subject to the laws present within this act.

Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of the company, not the consumer.

Florida cancer care companies face debt restructuring

Recently, 21st Century Oncology, which is based out of Fort Myers, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. This action creates uncertainty about the future of over 100 cancer treatment clinics that are located here in Florida.

The Chapter 11 petition was filed in the Southern District of New York. Recent years have seen a steady decline in revenue, coupled with unsettled litigation related to the company's billing practices.

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